robots off this planet

Greetings humans of earth…Well its like the land of robots from the moon their every where I suppose all the humans went to mars to live. Robots are smarter than humans well I guess they are robot’s could probably  be able to rhino in 5 seconds before someone falls off a cliff  we could save them before they fall we could drive a helicopter  we could do anything we could climb pyramids we could brake our legs if we wanted to we could dive on our heads then do a no handed cartwheel with out braking our heads next our necks.

sbc week 3


They are colourful they could be as good as a butterfly.

oh tho they just sit on there stick all day long.

all they do is try and peck all the wood off their stick.

why they sit on their stick their feathers blow in the air all over the place.

the pink giraffe teaching

there was a giraffe who was a pink teacher she had a bad dream her bad dream was was holding a drill then she stuck it up her nose to try and get her booger. then her nose bled then she woke up and said to her self phew that gave me a night mare it was only a dream she thought to her self so then she roled back to sleep. now its time to get up and have my breakfast and brush my teeth and go to school to teach and tell stories. its time to go home.

the wold over peace

it was the freedom  of the war and so that means all the people was in peace. now the moon is nearly up that means all of the peace goes away then people start to make gun noises and shoots animals so then we have to leave our country to another country so we can all live in peace the moon is up we must leave to another country now. we got on the plain and left our country to live and have peace we arrived at the Australian air port we got off our plain to our new house.

my birthday today

I am happy , happy because it is my birthday  Mr fox came and celebrated my birthday and gave me lots of presents. and of course lots of chocolate by the fire at the table. we had so much food to choose from and drinks. then every body came over this is the best day ever.  thank you all for coming we played so much games we popped balloons we played ping pong and a Lego hunt. OK every body we can now eat and drink before the cake is served. cake time then clean up time and home time.


what a day.

it was time to get my iPod and play minecraft and build a house and when i say house i dont meen any house i meen the best house in the world fall of all your favorite stuff . and i thought well what a start…

58 hours latter it begin to come to life  and they were also filming the life of minecraft in a helicopter

then after that all the minecraft life turned into Lego the end of minecraft i say and the start of Lego city i say. the final turn back to normal  then everybody lived haply after all.

the cricket match

it was the cricket finals and it was red back vs south Africa. it was time to get all my gear ready to go to the match. OK get ready to hit the ball so i hit the ball i hit a 28 then the wicket keeper ran after the ball then he fell over and Brock his leg Then the ambulance came and took him to hospital. Then the ambulance BROCK down so then a helicopter came and took him to the hospital they finely landed and took him into the hospital. now we can restart the game redbacks  won.

the glowing night

It was dawn the moon light was shining, the bats were flying around dead trees, the air blowing with leafs drifting through the air with the noise of crickets and frogs on the sound of water. it was a glowing night monkeys dropping banana peals on to the forest floor, spiders climbing up tree trunks, lizards jumping tree to tree, bees collecting nectar, people hunting for foxes, the sound of guns, wolves on big grey dark shadows of big dark rocks tigers hunting for food kangaroos licking the water at of the pond birds hatching young, crack go the eggs.

the bad jail day

Once upon a time there was a naked person walking down the street. The crowd’s faces were so red and hot. The cops came and whacked him in the head and he went to jail. They gave him rotten eggs then he went “er rotten eggs! They stink like poo!” And there was a bucket of rat poo. He got sick of it then someone came through the walls to come and get him out so he excaped from jail then the other man went to jail then the police came running after the first man so he kept running.