the glowing night

It was dawn the moon light was shining, the bats were flying around dead trees, the air blowing with leafs drifting through the air with the noise of crickets and frogs on the sound of water. it was a glowing night monkeys dropping banana peals on to the forest floor, spiders climbing up tree trunks, lizards jumping tree to tree, bees collecting nectar, people hunting for foxes, the sound of guns, wolves on big grey dark shadows of big dark rocks tigers hunting for food kangaroos licking the water at of the pond birds hatching young, crack go the eggs.

3 thoughts on “the glowing night

  1. hi RJ! I thought that it was a good story. And that story has just given me a very nice feeling. it has just made me feel like i want to be there siting on a rock.

    from your awesome friend BJ

  2. Wow- you have certainly created an eerie setting with lots of creepy critters. I am sure I would not like to be in this place.

  3. Hi RJ I liked your story because there is lots of stuff going on in your story I liked your story because you put. a lot of effort in to it bye Rj.

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